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ST. LOUIS was founded in 1764 by French fur traders.

Metro Area Population:
2.6 Million

The Gateway Arch

Forest Park

My journey to ST. LOUIS began about 30 years ago -- Where has the time gone!  Born in Louisville, Kentucky and raised in New Jersey, I married and became a corporate wife.  What a wonderful journey it has been -- Starting out in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area then moving to Crofton, Maryland (outside Washington, DC) then on to Strongsville, Ohio with the next stop being Scottsdale, Arizona then off to Mission Viejo, California.  We had a nine month interim move with my husband living and working in Danbury, Connecticut knowing that St. Louis, Missouri was our next destination.

Corporate life has been good to us (Battery Division of Union Carbide bought by Energizer) and we have made so many wonderful friends and experienced so much over the years.  Our 3 sons adjusted well and are outgoing and versatile! 

We have been in the St. Louis area since 1987 and have thoroughly enjoyed our time here. St. Louis is a wonderful place to live, work, play and raise a family. 

You will find, as you search through my site, that  ST LOUIS is a relatively large city with a small town feel. The City of St. Louis is experiencing a REBIRTH . Although St. Louis is a wonderful place to visit, it is also a wonderful place to live.  Each distinct  NEIGHBORHOOD has its own individual flair and cultural diversity, offering an exciting urban lifestyle. The WASHINGTON AVENUE LOFT DISTRICT is a prime example of the rebirth and renaissance of the downtown area. 

ST. LOUIS is bordered by the Mississippi River to the East and the Missouri River to the West.  We are running out of land to develop. We're the Midwest -- land should be plentiful.  Unfortunately, it is not. If you are coming to the St. Louis area, want to stay East of the Missouri River and want new construction -- the pickings are slim and the prices are high. Don't dispair! New, affordable housing is available in the St. Charles area!

What I found when we first moved here was that most of the corporations were based in downtown St. Louis.  That no longer is the case, with many corporations/businesses moving west.  As a result, housing options have expanded.  Of course, everything is relative.  When we lived in California, a 20 mile commute would take 1.5-2 hours.  In St. Louis. a 40 minute communte is unthinkable!  From river to river, you are looking at approximately 26 miles!

When searching for homes, our search is done by  school district then the high school within the school district.

I will try to help educate you about the St. Louis area and put things in perspective.  So often I find that the relocating employee's expectations are different than reality.  Know that you are not alone! Hopefully, I can bridge the gap between what you want and what you will find.  We have so many lovely, wonderful communities. We do have very affordable housing in comparison to so many parts of the country.  We have excellent schools and a great lifestyle.

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